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Eko Green's pre-purchase inspection is conducted by qualified top rated engineers experienced in aircraft operations and maintenance. A proper product inspection can save resources, money and time for an asset management company. 

Our team consists of an Airframe/Structural Engineer, Power Plant Engineer and a Project Manager. They will consolidate and create all the necessary reports for pre-inspection including BTB records and other related documentation for the aircraft, engines and critical components.

1.  Annual aircraft inspection during the Lease period 

Our team can provide annual surveillance inspection of an Asset while it is on lease. Inspection will be done by one or two engineers who will make a sample check of the following: 

  • If the technical aspects of lease agreement are followed by the operator

  • Physical audit of an asset (aircraft or engine)

  • Sample audit of the paperwork (DFP for maintenance, Components, Repairs and STC documentation)

2.  Technical representation on aircraft HMV, Delivery/Redelivery checks and Engine Shop visits

During Major check or transition delivery and re-delivery of the lease aircraft, lessor might need technical representative to ensure quality of maintenance and lease return terms and conditions are completely fulfilled on asset. Assess physical condition, maintenance task, component and paperwork are crucial for the asset value and to manage delivery to the next customer.

 3.  Technical representation and asset inspection in case of incident or ground damage

Perform supervision and inspection of the asset during the insurance claims to make sure that the repair of the asset is performed at a highest possible standard to keep the asset value

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