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Inspector using Eddy current technique to detect crack at structure.jpg


The Eddy Current Inspection method is similar to magnetic particle inspection method in the sense that it uses a magnetic field to inspect parts. The difference it the way defects are shown. With magnetic particle cracks are seen visually. Eddy current has the ability to find cracks that might not be seen visually. The magnetic field induced generates a magnetic field within the test piece that then creates eddy currents in the part. If there is a defect it will disrupt the eddy currents which creates a chain reaction in the induced magnetic field, then the primary magnetic field, back up to the coil which will display a deflection the inspection unit. Eddy current is widely used in the aviation field. There are various types of equipment and inspection methods. At EKO Green Industrial we have a wide range of capabilities as well as the ability to acquire specialized equipment needed for inspections.

Ultrasonic test to detect imperfection or defect of round bar steel raw material in factor


The Ultrasonic Inspection method uses high frequency sound vibrations to search for defects inside test pieces. Sound waves at a given frequency are introduced into a test piece. If there is a defect the sound waves will bounce back to the probe and show an indication on the test equipment display. It can be used to inspect aluminum, steel, composites, glass and many other materials. Ultrasonic inspections can be done using various methods and frequencies. At EKO Green Industrial we have the capability to perform a wide range of inspections in various industries. We provide conventional as well as phased array ultrasonic inspections services.

Male worker defect colour red round indication and crack at butt weld found by penetrant t


Liquid Penetrant Inspection is made possible by capillary action. Visible or fluorescent penetrant is applied on to a test piece and allowed to dwell on it for a specified amount of time. As it dwells, it seeps into any voids that might exist. After the specified time has passed the excess penetrant is removed and the test piece is inspected. If there are any voids the penetrant that seeped into them will be drawn back out to the surface by capillary action making the defect visible. At EKO Green Industrial we have the ability to perform liquid penetrant inspection in-house or on the field.

Crack steel butt weld carbon background green contrast of magnetic filed fluorescent test.


Magnetic Particle uses electrical currents induced into ferromagnetic parts to create magnetic fields. When there is a void that cuts across the magnetic field it produces a leakage field around the void. Visible or fluorescent iron particles are applied to the surface of the test piece. The particles will be attracted to the leakage field around the void making it visible to the inspector. At EKO Green Industrial we have the capability to perform magnetic particle inspection in-house or on the field.

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